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Monbuild Steel Fixing Group is built on a strong foundation of its people including an operational team with over 20 years of combined experience, and we are dedicated to building long lasting partnerships with our clients by continual focus on our core values to provide outstanding service. We pride ourselves on our demonstrated track record delivering efficient and high quality steel fixing solutions at a competitive industry rate .

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We specialise in comprehensive steel fixing and post tensioning solutions for civil, infrastructure and residential developments across Australia. No job is too big or too small for us – regardless of project size or scope we can provide reliable and quality services to help our clients meet their objectives on time and within budget.


We leverage our competitive edge in the steel fixing industry due to our large team of skilled steel fixers with comprehensive experience in conventional reinforcement installation.
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Groundwork Reinforcement

<p>We offer comprehensive installation of groundwork reinforcing including the installation of crane bases, lift pads, column pads, raft slabs and slab on ground mesh installations.</p>
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Wall, Column & Capping Beam

We are specialists in providing safe and highly efficient installation of vertical elements, whether prefabricated or tied in situ.
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Pool Steel Fixing

Steel fixing is one of the most integral aspects of the pool construction process as it provides a concrete pool with extra strength to reinforce with the concrete. We provide pool steel fixing & formwork services for residential and commercial projects.
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Post Tension

We offer joint packages for reinforcement and Post Tensioning, and provide seamless solutions to integrate reinforcement and post tension install in order to reduce install durations.
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We offer formwork services in conjunction with our steel fixing services to provide comprehensive services to our clients. Our highly skilled formworkers can create any shape or size required for design aesthetics, safety and longevity.
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We are constantly looking for experienced, highly motivated workers, if you are interested in working for Monbuild Steel Fixing Group send your details to We will get in touch with you.